1977 Born 1977, Burbank, CA
2015 Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


2005 MFA, Yale Universit, New Haven, CT
2004 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
2000 BFA, Fordham University, New York, NY


2015 François Ghebaly, Bikini Factory, Los Angeles
2015 Public Fiction, Splash, Glow, Fullflex, at the Bikini Factory, Curated by Lauren Mackler, Los Angeles, CA
2015 The Finley Gallery, Sleepyhead, Anthony Lepore & Michael Henry Hayden, Los Angeles
2014 California Museum of Photography, University of California, Flash: Anthony Lepore, Riverside, CA
2013 Paris Photo Los Angeles with François Ghebaly Gallery and M+B Gallery, Nocturne, Los Angeles, CA
2012 LACMA, Night Walk, Artist Respond Series, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Francois Ghebaly Gallery, New Wilderness, Los Angeles, CA
2011 M+B Gallery, New Wilderness, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Los Angeles Central Library, Paper Surrogate, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Restoration, Kansas City, MO
2007 Marvelli Gallery, Bird Shop, New York, NY
2006 Marvelli Gallery, I Would Make You My Own, New York, NY
2005 Groeflin Maag Gallery, Basel, Switzerland


2015 J. Paul Getty Museum, In Focus: Animalia, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Team Gallery, Bad Boys Bail Bonds Adopt a Highway, Curated by Amanda Ross-ho, New York, NY
2015 M+B Gallery, Russian Doll, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Galerie Xippas, Me and Benjamin, curated by M+B, Paris
2014 Armory Center for the Arts, Attunement, Pasadena, CA
2014 356 Mission, Another Cats Show, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Josh Lilley Gallery, The Scandalized Mask, London
2013 Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, October 18, 1977, New York
2013 curated by Olivian Cha, Cleopatra's, Works Sited, reprised, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Cardi Black Box, Set Pieces, Milan, Italy
2012 Curated by Andrew Berardini and Lauren Mackler, Artissima Lido, The Church of the Holy Shroud, Treating Shadows as Real Things, Turin, Italy
2012 Helene Bailly Gallery, Los Angeles Contemporary Tendencies, Paris, FR. Curated by Annka Kultys.
2011 LA><ART, On Forgery: Is One Thing Better Than Another?, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Statler Waldorf Gallery, My House Is Your House, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Roberts & Tilton, Gray Day, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Portugal Biennial, The Billboard Project, Lisbon, Portugal
2010 Luis de Jesus, Group Show, Santa Monica, CA
2009 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, The Poetics of Space, Kansas City, MO
2009 The Constant Gallery, Desert Sexy, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Art in America: 300 Years of Innovation.
2009 Organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Shanghai, China
2007 Jail Gallery, Pie in the Face, Los Angeles, CA
2006 Guggenheim International Gala, Guggenheim Pictures: A Conceptual Portfolio, New York, NY
2005 Bernard Toale Gallery, The Once Over. Curated by David Hilliard, Boston, MA
2004 The White Cube, Skowhegan Projects. Curated by Dave Hardy and Siebren Versteeg, Skowhegan, ME
2003 Art Space, For The Birds. Curated by Denise Markonish and Michael Crewdson, New Haven, CT
2000 The Center Gallery, Strange Routes, Fordham University, NYC


2015 California Unedited! The Archives of R.J. Arnold, Paris Photo, Los Angeles, CA


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